SIM7020G Starter Kit – Hardware, Software & SIM


This development board has SIM7020G module which is Multi-Band LTE NB-IOT solution for global deployment.


Technical Specs


Model No SIM7020G
Category 4G Module
Manufacturer SIMCOM
Form Factor Hardware Development Board
Technologies                                     NB-IoT
Download Speed 26.15 Kbps
Upload Speed 62.5 Kbps
Freq bands
LTE B1/B3/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66/B70/B71
Certifications C – CCC/TA/CTA/RoHS/REACH


Carriers Approved China Mobile/CHINA Telecom/China Unicom
Interfaces USB, GPIOs, ADC, I2C
Voice Support N/A
GPS Support N/A


This tutorial is applicable for SIM7000A and SIM7000C Simcom modules.

Assemble the SIM7000A development kit

Connect the SIM7000A-TE board to the SIMCOM-EVB board as shown in picture below.


Install the drivers

  • Download the CP210x USB to UART bridge Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver from the below link,

Connect the USB port on the SIMCOM-EVB board to USB port of your computer.  If the VCP drivers are installed successfully, 2 virtual COM ports should be visible under the PORTS in Device Manager.

Connect the SIM7000A board to AT Command Tester

After the drivers are installed, launch the AT Command Tester application. Connect to the enhanced COM port (COM4 in above case). Please note that the standard and enhanced ports may enumerate to different port numbers in your computer.

Run diagnostics commands with SIM7000A module

Using the tool, run diagnostics AT commands on SIM7500A module.

Check Network Connectivity on the SIM7000A Module

Get the signal strength and the registration status on the SIM7000A module. If the module is unable to acquire the signal, registration will not be possible. Check the antenna connector on the board. Also verify the band is properly configured on the SIM7000A module.

Set up Packet Data Protocol (PDP) profiles

Set up APN in the PDP profile. Check with the network provider regarding what APN should be provisioned for your network.

Setup TCP/IP connection with SIM7000A

Using the AT Command Tester tool, setup TCP/IP connection with the SIM7000A module.

Test HTTP feature with SIM7500A module

Use the AT Command Tester tool to test HTTP GET and POST features of the SIM7500A module.



HTTP GET script

HTTP POST script



Video – Connect AT Command Tester to SIM7500A
Video – Install drivers for SIM7500A
Video – Run diagnostics commands on SIM7500A
Video – Check network connection on SIM7500A
Video – TCP Connectionwiht SIM7500A


Dev. board Module
Module Manufacturer
Form Factor
Dimensions x x
Maximum Upload Speed
Maximum Download Speed
GPS Support
GNSS Support
Automotive Support
Check the compatibility of with networks in the country