AT Command to Enable Error Codes

With Online AT Command Tester tool, you can set the error reporting level of the device using teh AT+CMEE command.

To enable error reporting,

To enable numeric error codes

To enable verbode error code,

To enable unsolicited result codes based on certain events,

Error Codes

Numeric Text
0                 phone failure
1                 no connection to phone
2                 phone?adaptor link reserved
3                 operation not allowed
4                 operation not supported
5                 PH?SIM PIN required
6                 PH-FSIM PIN required
7                 PH-FSIM PUK required
10               SIM not inserted (See NOTE 1)
11               SIM PIN required
12               SIM PUK required
13               SIM failure (See NOTE 1)
14               SIM busy (See NOTE 1)
15               SIM wrong (See NOTE 1)
16               incorrect password
17               SIM PIN2 required
18               SIM PUK2 required
20               memory full
21               invalid index
22               not found
23               memory failure
24               text string too long
25               invalid characters in text string
26               dial string too long
27               invalid characters in dial string
30               no network service
31               network timeout
32               network not allowed – emergency calls only
40               network personalization PIN required
41               network personalization PUK required
42               network subset personalization PIN required
43               network subset personalization PUK required
44               service provider personalization PIN required
45               service provider personalization PUK required
46               corporate personalization PIN required
47              corporate personalization PUK required
48              hidden key required (See NOTE 2)
49              EAP method not supported
50              Incorrect parameters
100            unknown
103            Illegal MS (#3)
106             Illegal ME (#6)
107             GPRS services not allowed (#7)
111             PLMN not allowed (#11)
112             Location area not allowed (#12)
113             Roaming not allowed in this location area (#13)
132             service option not supported (#32)
133             requested service option not subscribed (#33)
134             service option temporarily out of order (#34)
149             PDP authentication failure
151             VBS/VGCS not supported by the network
152             No service subscription on SIM
153             No subscription for group ID
154             Group Id not activated on SIM
155             No matching notification
156             VBS/VGCS call already present
157             Congestion
158             Network failure
159             Uplink busy
160             No access rights for SIM file
161             No subscription for priority
162             operation not applicable or not possible
163             Group Id prefixes not supported
164             Group Id prefixes not usable for VBS
165             Group Id prefix value invalid

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