MQTT Topics

MQTT clients publish their contents using MQTT topics which are strings that is used by MQTT broker to filter the messages from MQTT clients.

MQTT Topic Levels

MQTT Topics can have one or more levels and the levels are separated by forward slash. Topics are case-sensitive. Examples of MQTT topics are,

  • office/groundfloor/room1/temperature
  • factory/device1/motorspeed

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MQTT Topic Wildcards

Clients can subscribe to MQTT topics using wildcards which cane be single-level or multi-level. Wildcards can only be used for subscribing to topics, not for publishing topics.

Single-level Wildcard: ‘+’ symbol is used to subscribe for single-level wildcards.

Example of single-level wildcard topic,


When clients subscribe to above topics with single-level topics, they will subscribe messages for below topics




Multi-level Wildcard: ‘#’ symbol is used to subscribe for multi-level wildcards. They can be used only at the end of topics.

Example if multi-level wildcard topic,


When clients subscribe to above topic with multi-level wildcard, they will receive  all messages pubslished under offoce/groundfloor/room1




Try the AT Command Tester tool to create new topics and publish messages,

MQTT Server logs with examples of subscribing to topics

C:\Program Files\mosquitto>mosquitto -v
1556880402: mosquitto version 1.6.0 starting
1556880402: Using default config.
1556880402: Opening ipv6 listen socket on port 1883.
1556880402: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1556880410: New connection from on port 1883.
1556880410: New client connected from as at_tester_2305 (p2, c1, k60).
1556880410: No will message specified.
1556880410: Sending CONNACK to at_tester_2305 (0, 0)
1556880424: Received SUBSCRIBE from at_tester_2305
1556880424: SensorReadings (QoS 1)
1556880424: at_tester_2305 1 SensorReadings
1556880424: Sending SUBACK to at_tester_2305
1556880429: Received UNSUBSCRIBE from at_tester_2305
1556880429: SensorReadings
1556880429: at_tester_2305 SensorReadings
1556880429: Sending UNSUBACK to at_tester_2305
1556880462: Received SUBSCRIBE from at_tester_2305
1556880462: office/groundfloor/+/temperature (QoS 1)
1556880462: at_tester_2305 1 office/groundfloor/+/temperature
1556880462: Sending SUBACK to at_tester_2305
1556880490: Received SUBSCRIBE from at_tester_2305
1556880490: office/groundfloor/room1/# (QoS 1)
1556880490: at_tester_2305 1 office/groundfloor/room1/#
1556880490: Sending SUBACK to at_tester_2305
1556880550: Received PINGREQ from at_tester_2305
1556880550: Sending PINGRESP to at_tester_2305

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