AT Command Tester - Standard

AT Command Tester – Standard is a desktop software that communicates with wireless modem devices through AT Commands. This software provides an easy-to-use interface to test different features of wireless modem devices and automate testing process through script commands. AT Command Tester – Standard is supported on Windows platform.

Download AT Command Tester – Standard for 7-day free trial, no credit card required.



  • Find and connect to modem ports on system
  • Send single AT or multiple AT commands at a time
  • Automate testing using scripts
    • Add multiple AT commands in script file
    • Load/save/run script file
    • Configure wait time between AT commands
    • Send commands in loop
    • Send scripts from Windows command line
  • Save modem requests and responses in log file
  • Send modem diagnostics commands
  • Send/Receive Voice calls
  • Setup modem data connection
  • Create/Edit/Delete modem data connection profiles
  • SMS
    • Send/Receive SMS in text or PDU mode
    • List/View/Delete SMS messages
    • SMS PDU converter
    • Send SMS in any language
  • Find and select available network connection
  • Create/Edit/Delete Phonebook entries
  • Establish dial-up connection with the wireless modem device
  • Get device snapshot
  • Perform speed test
  • Perform signal check
  • Connect to NMEA GPS port and get location data.
  • SIM Testing
    • Get lock status, Lock/Unlock SIM, Set new PIN code, Enter PUK code
  • Perform audio tests
  • MQTT
    • Connect to public or local MQTT server
    • Publish/Subscribe to MQTT Data


  • Windows – Windows 7 or later
  • Java – Jave SE 8 or later

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