AT Command Tester – Version History

Version 61, Jan 31 2019
  • Add support for LTE CAT-M and NB-IOT features for Simcom modules
Version 60, Jan 24 2019
  • Improvements/fixes for HTTP feature for Simcom modules
Version 59, Jan 20 2019
  • Add support to stop the running script
  • Add support for SET-CURRENT-TIME command in the script mode. This commend sets the device time to the time of the system where the AT Command Tester tool is running. SET-CURRENT-TIME uses AT+CCLK command to set the time on the device.
Version 58, Jan 12 2019
  • Add HTTP support for SIM53XX, SIM7100X, SIM7500X, SIM7600X modules.
Version 57, Jan 03 2019
  • Change the default server address in TCP/IP tab
Version 56, Nov 04 2018
  • In the command output window, set the scrollbar to bottom after command execution
Version 55, Apr 13 2018
  • Add Speed Test feature
  • Fix issues with Java 9 VM. It is recommended to use 32-bit VM for Java 9.
Version 54, Mar 23 2018
  • Add support for dial-up connection feature
  • Added new script files
Version 53, Mar 3 2018
  • Add support for testing restricted SIM Access in the application
  • Add script for at+crsm
Version 52, Feb 27 2018
  • Add support for testing Audio features in the application
  • Add scripts for audio related AT commands
Version 51, Feb 14 2018
  • Add support for SIM lock feature in the application
  • Add script for SIM lock testing
Version 50, Feb 03 2018
  • Add support for sending scripts files from Windows command line
Version 49, Jan 21 2018
  • Add support for sending USSD short codes.
  • Add script example for sending USSD messages.
Version 48, Jan 8th 2018
  • Add support for sending SMS messages in any language.
Version 47, Dec 7th 2017
  • Add script examples for sending SMS (text & PDU modes) and additional AT commands.
Version 46, Nov 18th 2017
  • Add flow control config in serial port connection retry logic
Version 45, Nov 18th 2017
  • Configure flow control when connecting to serial ports
Version 44, Nov 13th 2017
  • Add automatic re-tries at different baud rates when serial port connection fails
  • Add script file examples for at+creg and at+csq
Version 43, Nov 11th 2017
  • During installation prompt user to upgrade to latest Java if current version is JRE7 (1.7)
Version 42, Nov 8th 2017
  • Single installer for 32-bit and 64-bit Java VMs
Version 41, Nov 6th 2017
  • In the output window, highlight parsed AT responses in orange color
  • Bug Fix
    • When first line of script file is empty, it is not opened in script window.
Version 40, Nov 2nd 2017
  • UI update to enhance script mode feature
    • In script window, highlight comment lines with green and command lines with blue
    • Increase script and output window sizes
Version 39, Oct 29th 2017
  • Add support for LOOP, LOOP-END commands in script mode to send one or more AT commands repetitively in a loop.
Version 38, Oct 26th 2017
  • Enable support to open/save script files in folder