AT Command


Get the status of the current socket.


The response format is:
#SS: <connId>,<state>,<locIP>,<locPort>,<remIP>,<remPort>

- socket connection identifier

- actual state of the socket:

0 - Socket Closed.
1 - Socket with an active data transfer connection.
2 - Socket suspended.
3 - Socket suspended with pending data.
4 - Socket listening.
5 - Socket with an incoming connection. Waiting for the user accept or shutdown command.
- IP address associated by the context activation to the socket.
- two meanings:
- the listening port if we put the socket in listen mode.
- the local port for the connection if we use the socket to connect to a remote machine.
- when we are connected to a remote machine this is the remote IP address.
- it is the port we are connected to on the remote machine.


Telit Module Tutorial


#SS: 1,3,,61119,,10510
#SS: 2,4,,1000
#SS: 3,0
#SS: 4,0
#SS: 5,3,,61120,,10509
#SS: 6,0

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Test AT#SS command with AT Command Tester