AT Command


AT+CGSCONTRDP AT command returns the cid, bearer id information about the secondary PDP connection.

Command Possible response(s)
+CGSCONTRDP[=<cid>] [+CGSCONTRDP: <cid>,<p_cid>,<bearer_id>[,<IM_CN_Signalling_Flag>]] [<CR><LF>+CGSCONTRDP: <cid>,<p_cid>,<bearer_id>[,<IM_CN_Signalling_Flag>] [...]]
+CGSCONTRDP=? +CGSCONTRDP: (list of <cid>s associated with active contexts)
NOTE:       The syntax of the AT Set Command is corrected to be according to ITU?T Recommendation V.250 [14]. Older versions of the specification specify incorrect syntax +CGSCONTRDP=[<cid>]


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