TCP/IP testing with Quectel Modules

Steps to test TCP/IP with Quectel Modules

  • Verify that the device is registered with the network provider
  • Configure the APN for a PDP context usingĀ  the AT+QICSGP command.
  • Activate the PDP context usingĀ  the AT+QIACT command
  • Open a TCP connection to the remote server using the AT+QIOPEN command.
  • Check the connection state using the AT+QISTATE command.
  • Send TCP data using the AT+QISEND command
  • Monitor for the +QIURC unsolicited command from the module that indicates that the device has received remote data
  • Read the server response using the AT+QIRD command

AT Command Tester Tool provides an interface to test the TCP connection with the Quectel modules.

In this example,

  • TCP connection is made to remote server ‘’
  • HTTP formatted data is sent to the remote server
  • The remote server echos the IP address of the device which is received by the module.

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