Carrier Sprint
Mobile Country Code (MCC)310
Mobile Network Code (MNC)120,490
CountryUnited States
TechnologiesEVDO Rev B,EVDO Rev A,1xRTT,LTE
Frequency bands
LTEB25 (1900+),B26 (850+),B41 (TD 2600+)
EVDO800/900 MHz
ŁXRTT800/900 MHz
CertificationsFCC, CDG
Approved ModulesSprint approved modules
Applicable Modules1xRTT Modules ,EVDO Modules ,LTE Modules
M2M Developer SupportYes
M2M Service PlatformSprint Command Center
Device Certification:  

Sprint offers in-house device testing free of charge. Upon sucessful lab testing, Sprint will approve the device for launch in its network. The device would still have go go through FCC certification. Sprint has an approved module list.

How to set Access Point Name (APN) for mobile devices on Sprint network?

Use the AT Command Tester tool to program the APN in cellular modules on the Sprint network.

Sprint is based in United States and provides M2M services on EVDO Rev B,EVDO Rev A,1xRTT,LTE technologies.Sprint M2M developer support information is also available at the website.M2M service platform is available through Sprint Command Center. M2M vertical markets focus for this carrier are Asset Management ,Telematics ,Telehealth ,Digital Signage. M2M data plans are available in Sprint website.

Sprint offers variety of business models for M2M Application developers. In the retail business model, Sprint offers full spectrum of services such as end-use billing, account management, sales and distribution, co-branding, customer care etc. In the wholesale model, Sprint offers device certification and network services, partners are responsible for rest of the services.

[1] - Subscriber number as of 2012.Please check the carrier website for up-to-date information

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