Set up dial-up connection with the Quectel Modules

When a PDP context is activated on a Quectel module that is plugged in to the host PC, the PDP connection is between the module and the the network provider.The host PC cannot send/receive data using that PDP connection.
The dial-up connection establishes a data connection between the host and the network provider using the Quectel module.

How to setup dial-up connection with Quectel Modules?

Before setting up the dial-up connection, verify the following.

Verify Modem drivers are installed

If the Windows drivers are successfully installed, the Quectel modem device should appear in the Windows device manager.

Create a dial-up connection

Create a dial-up modem connection using the Quectel modem.

When there is just one modem device available in the system, the newly created dial-up connection will automatically be attached to the available modem device.

Set-up dial-up connection

 AT Command Tester  provides an easy to use interface to set the dial-up connection.

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