GNSS testing with Simcom SIM7000 Modules

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Steps to test GNSS with SIM7000 Modules

  • Verify that the device is registered with the network provider
  • Turn on the GNSS power using the AT+CGNSPWR command
  • Get the GNSS data using the AT+CGNSINF command

AT Command Tester Tool provides an interface to test the GNSS feature in the Simcom modules. You can turn on/tun off GNSS and get the location information. The response from the AT+CGNSINF command is parsed and the values are shown in corresponding fields.’Show Map’ features takes the latitude and the longitude values returned from the modules and open the Google map in the browser.

GNSS feature with SIM7000 module can also be tested with the script mode in the AT Command Tester .

Try the below script in the AT Command Tester  tool.

//Use this script to test GNSS  AT commands with Simcom modules.
//This script can be used on SIM7000X Simcom modules-

//Turn on the GNSS Power


//Get the GNSS location information

//Turn off GNSS Power

Output of the above script in the AT Command Tester  tool.


GNSS Turned on


+CGNSINF: 1,1,20190316181247.000,xx.xxxxx,-xxx.xxxxxx,178.400,0.00,141.8,1,,0.8,1.1,0.8,,9,8,,,43,,


GNS Turned off
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