Get the GPS Fix quality from the $GPGGA Sentence

GPS fix quality is returned in the $GPGGA NMEA sentence by the GPS devices.

To read the GPS Fix quality,

  • Connect the AT Command Tester tool to the GPS device to parse the $GPGGA NMEA sentence.
  • The NMEA GPS Fix quality is parsed and displayed by the tool.
  • The values of the NMEA GPS fix quality can be,
    • INVALID – No Fix acquired
    • NORMAL – Standard position service (SPS)
    • DGPS – Differential GPS Fix
    • PPS – Precise positioning service fix
    • RTK- Real Time Kinematic
    • FRTK – Float RTK
    • ESTMATED – Estimated, dead reckoning
    • MANUAL – Manual input mode
    • SIMULATED – Simulation mode

Learn more on how to use NMEA in the NMEA GPS tutorial.

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