Check signal strength in Quectel modules

To connect to the cellular network, the cellular modems should acquire the signal and register with valid SIM. The signal condition determines the speed of the network condition. Just like in mobile phones, better the coverage (4 or more bars), better the network speed. The same principle applies for the cellular modems as well since they operate on the same network as the mobile phones.

What impacts the signal condition?

The conditions that impact the signal condition are the proximity to the base station, interference of the surrounding environment, antenna orientation, antenna connector and the diversity antenna.

How to measure the signal condition?

AT+CSQ command return the signal strength of Quectel modules. AT Command Tester tool provides an easy to use interface to continuously measure the signal strength to place the device and/or antenna in the optimal position.

Keywords: Module , M2M , GPRS , 3G , through AT commands,