Industry Canada (IC) Introduction

The Certification and Engineering Bureau of Industry Canada provides a certification services for radio equipments. The testing of the device is usually done by 3rd-party labs. Industry Canada website provides more information about the certification programs.

The procedure to apply for any radio requiment certification is called RSP-100. You can download the latest version of  RSP-100 from IC’s website. Technical requirements are avaialble here.

IC number for teh product is made up of Company Number (CN) and Unique Product Number (UPN). The CN can only be obtained from Certification aand Engineering Bureau of IC.


IC is essentially Canada’s equivalent approval of Unites State’s FCC. Infact IC accets FCC data as long as teh data is less than year old.

IC Certificaiton Documents

Following documents are required for IC submission,

  • Agency letter, if applicable
  • Block Diagram of the device
  • IC Test reports
  • Schematics
  • External and Internal Photos
  • Label Information
  • User manual

IC Certification Costs

Updated fees are listed in IC Fee link. Costs includes assesment fee of $1200 and $50 for each radio model. This does not include the testing fee at external laboratories.

ICC Certification Time

Once the data is submitted to IC, it could take 30 days to get the notificaiton on certification.

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