ANATEL Introduction

Anatel is the National Telecommunication Agency Regulatory Authority of telecommunications in Brazil. All telecommunication products must obtain Anatel certified before it can be used in Brazilian territory.  Anatel website gives more information this process.

Products seeking Anatel certification should be tested by an authorized laboratory in Brazil. If the product is manufactured outside Brazil, the manufacturer should have a legal representative.

ANATEL Labeling Requirements

  • EAN Number
  • Homologation Number issued by Anatel
  • ANATEL Logo

ANATEL Product Categories

  • Category 1 -Products intended to be used by end-user such as mobile phones. modems etc. The products should be tested in accredited lab (by Inmetro). Should be renewed every year.
  • Category 2 – Products that makes use of RF spectrum but not included in Category 1. This includes radio broadcasting equipments, toys etc.These products should be renewed every 2 years.
  •  Category 3 products should be renewed if they are modified are any revisions to ANATEL standards. These products includes system batteries, cables, conenctors etc.

ANATEL Certification Process

  • Select ANATEL’s Designated Certification Organism (OCD), which is a third party institution that evaluates and certifies products based on lab testing. OCDs services could include laboratory selection, product sample delivery, schedule management, document collection, product evaluation and filing of teh whole process at ANATEL website.
  • Based on lab test results, OCD will issue certification for the product.
  • Product manufactuer supplies document to Anatel for homologation application.

ANTEL duration

The Anatel timeframe depends on the time it takes for lab testing. Generally it could take up to 2 weeks with teh OCD and once paperwork is submitted to Anatel, it could take up to 4 weeks for Anatel to issue the certification.


Manufacturers need to work with OCDs to get a quote for ANATEL certification costs.


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