CE Introduction

CE marking stands for Conformite Europeene meaning “European Conformity” is required for products that are launched in European countries. CE mark ensures that the product conforms with the requirements of European Comission directives.

CE marking is application to variety of product groups including radio and telecommunication terminal equipments. In the M2M segment, the modules that are designed for the European markets generally have CE certification. In addition to module CE certification, M2M device may also be required to get the necessary CE approval.

CE Certification Process

  • Determine if the product needs CE marking based on one or more EC directives
  • Based on the directive of the product, the appropriate Conformity Assesment procedure needs to be selected. The CE assesment modules are listed in EU’s website.
  • Based on the product risk assesment, manufacturer can,
  •  do self-certification
  • certify the product by a notified body
  • Have the notified body asses the product quality

 CE Certification Timeframe

CE certification timeframe will depend the number of EC directives that are applicable to the product.

CE Certification Costs

The costs of CE certification will depend on the certification procedure that is applicable to the product and whether manufacturer can do all the assesments themselves. Also the manufacturer needs to determine which EC directies are applicable to the product. Also if the product needs to be tested with a 3rd party certification body is an important consideration. By some estimates, about 90% of the time CE marking regulations allow products to be self-certified




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