Feb 10

Explosive growth projected for Insurance Telematics

ABI Research is projecting that global insurance telematics users will increase from 1.85 miliion in 2010 to 89 million in 2017, growing at 90% CAGR. Usage based insurance (UBI) model is based on continous monitoring of driver behaviour through a cellular device that is plugged in diagnostics port of the vehicle. Insurance telematics covers different models such as pay as you drive (PAYD) or pay how you drive (PHYD).

Feb 10

Telus launches LTE service

Canadian network operator hs launching LTE network in 14 cities. Teleu’s LTE network will support a peak LTE download speed of up to 75 Mbps with a average LTE download speed of 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Telus plans to cover 25 million customers by 2012. Telus had announced that it had awarded teh contract to Huawei to provide LTE radio access network equipment across Canada.

Feb 10

Ericsson leads LTE infrastructure marketshare

According to Signals and Systems Telecom, Ericsson is the  leader in the LTE infrastructure market with 24.8% market share. Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent have 13.1% and 24.4% LTE infrastructure market share respectively.

LTE subscriptions account for of 0.1% of the market currently and will grow to 8% of the market in 2016.

Feb 09

3G enabled tablets for nurses

According to The Register, The Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is running a pilot program to equip its community care nurses and therapists with 3G-enabled tablets and smartphones. This will enable to access NHS trust’s policies and other documents in real-time.

Feb 09

Cellular connected Insulin Pump

Cellnovo, a British based company, has launched its mobile-connected diabetes management system. The solution comprises of insulin pump that connects to a touch-screen handset. The handset has an integrated blood glocise monitor that connects to a web-based clinical management system over the GSM network. The handset likely has a GPRS modem or 3G module.

Feb 09

Zonar launches ZTrak for Asset Tracking

Zonar has introduced ZTrak, a battery operated asset tracking unit. The battery life is dependent on asset tracking and it is over 5 years on a 1 location-per-day cycle. Ztrak has GSM modem and GPS communication support. Some of the applications that it can be use dare construction equipment, rental equipment, shipping containers, high security items etc. Here is the ZTrak specification.

Feb 09

Netcomm router for 3G or 4G USB modem

Netcomm’s 3GM2WN router can take 3G or 4G modem, turning a USM modem to WiFi hotspot. This is only option currently available to access and share Telstra’s 4G network. 3GM2WN has ethernet WAN/LAN port and can natively support internet failover. It is pre-configured with Telstra APN settings.Unlink Cisco rouer devices that use 3G module or 4G module, Netcomm’s device works with 3G or 4G USB devices. Here is the spec for 3GM2WN

Feb 08

Sony launching 3G-enabled Playstation Vita

Sony is launching 3G-enabled Playstation Vita. In U.S, the gaming console will work on AT&T Mobile Broadband Network. 3G connectivity will enable real-time scores, news feeds, multiplayer game sessions, cross-game text messaging etc.

There are 2 service plans available – 250 MB/month for $14.00 3 GB/month for $30. Nikkei Electronics has a teardown report of PS Vita. It uses a PCIe 3G module for WWAN connectivity.