Feb 09

Netcomm router for 3G or 4G USB modem

Netcomm’s 3GM2WN router can take 3G or 4G modem, turning a USM modem to WiFi hotspot. This is only option currently available to access and share Telstra’s 4G network. 3GM2WN has ethernet WAN/LAN port and can natively support internet failover. It is pre-configured with Telstra APN settings.Unlink Cisco rouer devices that use 3G module or 4G module, Netcomm’s device works with 3G or 4G USB devices. Here is the spec for 3GM2WN

Feb 07

RACOM launching 3G router

RACOM is launching 3G router targeted for SCADA applications.M!DGE router can operate on GRPS, EDGE and HSDPA networks and works on harsh industrial enviornments. This router can also be used as 3G failover for fixed line. It supports a max data rate of 7.2 Mbps downlink and 5.76 Mpbs uplink. Here is link for theM!DGE specs.