Feb 08

Sony launching 3G-enabled Playstation Vita

Sony is launching 3G-enabled Playstation Vita. In U.S, the gaming console will work on AT&T Mobile Broadband Network. 3G connectivity will enable real-time scores, news feeds, multiplayer game sessions, cross-game text messaging etc.

There are 2 service plans available – 250 MB/month for $14.00 3 GB/month for $30. Nikkei Electronics has a teardown report of PS Vita. It uses a PCIe 3G module for WWAN connectivity.


Feb 07

AT&T receives award for Mobile Asset Tracking

AT&T has received Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American Product LIne Strategy Award in Mobile Asset Tracking.

“AT&T’s product line strategy has focused on providing top-tier solutions, a wide choice of alternatives, attractive pricing, and synergy with the worker and fleet tracking needs that their customers may also be wrestling with,” wrote Jeanine Sterling, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Frost & Sullivan.