Mar 02

Cinterion launches BGS2-Terminal

Cinterion has introduced BGS2-Terminal, plug-and-play device for M2M applications. This device offers  different industrial interfaces and supports extended temperature range and low power consumption. There are 2 variants of BGS2-Terminal : RS-485 which supports vertical-specific inetrface for building automation and meter reading ; and RS-232 for general applications.

Feb 27

Telit and Telefonica forms strategic partnership for M2M

Telit and Telefonica are expanding their earlier partnership to provide M2M solutions. The new partnership is centered around providing value-added services, innovation in module design and providing global connectivity across Telefonica’s global network. The services is expected to be launched in EMEA, South america and other countries by Q3 2012.

Feb 23

OnStar to expand with Telefonica’s network

OnStar, a leading telematics services provider, has partnered with Telefonica Digital and Telefonica Multinational solutions to provide telematics services in markets outside of U.S, Canada and China. Onstar will offer its services on Telefonica’s GSM based networks that is spread across 25 countries. Onstar’s services includes automatic crash notificationturn-by-turn navigation,remote mobile connectivity etc.

Feb 20

ETSI releases machine-to-machine (M2M) service standards

ETSI has published M2M service standards that will help in adoption and broad-scale deployment of M2M services. ETSI M2M Release 1 standards will enable integration of different M2M implementation in to one managed platform. The ETSI M2M standards specify architectural components including M2M devices, gateways with associated interfaces, applications, access technologies as well as the M2M Service Capabilities Layer. They also offer security, traffic scheduling, device discovery and lifecycle management features.

Feb 15

Mobile asthma monitoring from iSonea

iSonea is planning to integrate its Acoustic Respirotory Monitoring (ARM) device with Qualcomm’s 2net platform, to automatically and securely send asthma symptom data to iSonea’s cloud-based portal. This will give physicans and caregivers instant access to their patient data on a real-time basis. Qualcomm recently launched 2net hub, a medical gateway device that provides 2G and 3G cellular connectivity.

Feb 15

Security solution for M2M developers

MerlinCryption, a software company based in Austin, has introduced MerlinM2M, a security encryption solution for M2M developers. This solution prevents cloning and enables end-to-end security for M2M applications. The dynamically changing keys enables different encrypted transmission every time thereby improving M2M security.

Feb 14

M2M projections by Cisco

Cisco has released Visual Netwroking Indes (VNI) forecast 2011-2016 for M2M. According to that report, M2M traffic will grow 22-times betwween 2011 and 2016. M2M traffic will account for 5% of total mobile data traffic in 2016 and number of M2M modules is expected grow 5.8-fold to 1.9 billion in 2016. Here is the link to Cisco’s M2M forecast.

Feb 14

Web-based Fleet Management solution from Sylectus

Sylectus has announced the availability of SylectDash, a new web-based dashboard solution for fleet management. Real-time access to information will improve the decision-making process.Other features includes sensitivty analysis report, event forecasting, strategic planning for fleet managers. This solution is designed for managing up to 400 trucks. Sylectus is a business unit of Qualcomm.