Feb 08

RFID asset tracking solutions from HID Global

HID Global has introduced IronTag, a RFID solution for tracking applications in rough conditions such as tracking metallic parts, tools, equipment and vehicles.

According to HID Global’s press release,  IronTag  is waterproof; resistant to shock, vibration and chemical exposure; and is able to withstand temperatures from -40° F to +356° F (-40° C to +180° C). It also delivers an exceptional size-to-performance ratio. The compact unit measures just 2.1 x 0.9 x 0.27 in (53 x 23 x 7 mm), and mounted on metal, it delivers a read range up to 13 ft (4 m). The contactless chip provides a 512-bit user memory, in addition to 96-bit EPC and 64-bit TID. Here is the link to IronTag spec.

Feb 07

SkyBitz releases satellite modes for asset tracking

SkyBitz(R) announced the availability of Galaxy series GTP1000 and GTP1100, satellite modems for remote asset tracking solution. Some of the M2M vertical markets that benefit from this solution are oil and gas, chemical, heavy equipment, government, transportation and othe rmarkets.The SkyBitz GLS9602 modem combines SkyBitz patented Global Locating System (GLS) technology with the Iridium(R) 9602 short burst data (SBD) transceiver and can be integrated into a wide variety of asset tracking solutions.

Feb 07

AT&T receives award for Mobile Asset Tracking

AT&T has received Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American Product LIne Strategy Award in Mobile Asset Tracking.

“AT&T’s product line strategy has focused on providing top-tier solutions, a wide choice of alternatives, attractive pricing, and synergy with the worker and fleet tracking needs that their customers may also be wrestling with,” wrote Jeanine Sterling, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Frost & Sullivan.

Feb 06

Satellite & GSM dual-mode modem receives certification

Quake Global has received approval from Iridium Communications Inc for its dual-mode modem that works on satellite and GSM network. Q400 modem supports GSM/GPRS communications in Quad band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and satellite communications on Globalstar and Iridium networks. Q400 is one of the first dual-mode integrated modem avaialble for the asset tracking market.