Feb 05

Latin American carriers migrating from CDMA to GSM

According to report from Wireless Intelligence, LatAm carriers are slowly phasing out CDMA networks and switching to WCDMA-based 3G networks. CDMA networks account for 2% of total regional connections in Americas compared to 6% two years ago. Carriers shutting dwon CDMA networks includes Telefonica in Ecuador and Vivo in Brazil.

Feb 04

LightSquared has until March to get FCC approval

According to Dow Jones Newswires, Sprint has granted a new extension to LighSquared to get FCC approval for its proposed 4G LTE network. Back in July of 2011, Sprint and LightSquared signed a 15-year deal in which LightSquared will pay Sprint $9 billion in cash and an estimated $4.5 billion in credits for LTE and satellite equipment. Sprint, in exchange, will host LightSquared’s spectrum and provide network services and Sprint will also provide roaming access to its 3G network.

Feb 04

Dish network’s LTE plans

In August of 2011, Dish Network announced plans to launch 4G LTE network. The idea was similar to LightSquared proposal where Dish Network would deploy a number of terretial base stations. Unlike LightSquare, Dish Network plans to use S-band MSS spectrum which would eliminate any GPS signal interference issue. FCC has yet to weigh in on Dish Network;s grant request.