Feb 15

Calamp to provide LTE router for smartgrid applications

Calamp has won a contract to supply its Fusion-LTE router to Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) and Green Mountain Power (GMP) for smart grid applications. Fusion LTE router supports public safety band 14 for private infrastructure and Band 13, 17 and 4 for public use. The router also supports secure IPSec VPN and GPS capabilities. It is likely to use a 4G LTE module in a PCIe form factor.

Feb 14

Spirent’s VR5 enable LTE antenna testing

Spirent Communications has announced that several companies has are now using its VR5 HD Spatial Channel emulator for advanced MIMO beamforming testing. VR5 emulates radio conditions of real-world networks and helps identify issues with antenna design before deployment. Here is the link for Spirent’s VR5. Radio test equipments such as VR5 play key role in LTE product development projects such as 4G LTE modules, where simulated networks are needed for both module and host level testing.

Feb 13

4G LTE tablet from Samsung approved by GCF

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 has received GCF approval for its 4G LTE version. The marketing name for this product is GT-P7320, it supports LTE over 800 MHz and 2600 MHz. Many european carriers are planning for their 4G LTE rollouts. We need to wait for a tear down report to see if this tablet has a 4G LTE module or a integrated 4G LTE chipset solution.

Feb 10

Telus launches LTE service

Canadian network operator hs launching LTE network in 14 cities. Teleu’s LTE network will support a peak LTE download speed of up to 75 Mbps with a average LTE download speed of 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Telus plans to cover 25 million customers by 2012. Telus had announced that it had awarded teh contract to Huawei to provide LTE radio access network equipment across Canada.

Feb 08

Samsung LTE chipset in Galaxy Nexus

ABI research has published a teardown report for Samsung Nexus. It uses Samsung’s 4G LTE baseband chipset and Via Telecom’s EVDO Rev A baseband chipset. ABI observes that the new Samsung chipset costs nearly half as much the prior chip. a chip-on-bard solution instead of 4G LTE module optimizes the size of the device.

Feb 06

Rogers to launch LTE devices

Rogers Communications, a Canadian carrier will soon be launching Sierra Wireless’s Aircard 330U, an LTE USB device and Aircard 763S, an LTE mobile hotspt. These devices will be operating on both 1700/2100 MHz and teh 2600 MHz frequecy bands on Roger’s LTE network.