Mar 02

GTM801 Option’s new 4G LTE LGA Module

Option has announced its new 4G LTE LGA module called GTM801. This LGA module uses the Qualcomm’s MDM 9215 chipset and is targetted for tablets and ultra-portable notebooks. However high-volume tablet manufacturers such as Samsung, ZTEĀ  etc tend to go with chip-on-board design.

Feb 22

Qualcomm launches 4G embedded reference platform on MDM9615 and MDM9215 chipsets

Qualcomm announced the availability for next generation embedded reference design platform based on MDM9615 and MDM9216 chipsets. This platform will be used in next gen 4G LTE modules to enable LTE connectivity in laptops, netbooks, tablets and other M2M applications. Like the previous generations of Gobi modules, 9×15-based modules can support multi-mode functionility – CDMA and GSM networks that will include support for air interfaces such as LTE, DC-HSPA+, EDGE, GPRS, EVDO Rev A/B and 1xRTT.Manu 4G modules vendors are expected to adopt this chipset for their next generation module development.