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   Install AT Command Tester    AT Commands Introduction
   Get Signal Strength    AT+CGDCONT – Set up PDP profile
   Send SMS in Text Mode    Send SMS in PDU Mode
   AT+CPIN – Lock/UnLock SIM Card    AT+CGACT – Activate PDP Profile
   AT+CGATT – PDP Attach    Dial Voice Call
   Set Alert Sound Mode    AT+CRSL – Set Ringer Volume
   AT+CLVL – Set Loud speaker volume    Test Audio Features
   Send Restricted SIM Access Command    AT+CMGS – Send SMS
   AT+CSCS – Set Device Character Set    AT+CREG – Network Registration
   AT+CLIP – Calling Line Identification Presentation    AT+CIMI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
   AT+CMEE – Report Mobile Equipment Error    AT+CCLK – Set/Get Date and Time
   AT+CPAS – Phone Activity Status    AT+CLCK – Facility Lock
   AT+CGDATA – Enter Data State    AT+CPBR – Read Phonebook
   AT+CPBW – Write Phonebook    AT+CBST – Select Bearer Service
   AT+CBC – NBattery Charging Status    Test Audio
   Set up dial-up connection with cellular modems    Fix Dial-up Error 663
   Fix Dial-up Error 777    Fix Dial-up Error 628
   Fix Dial-up Error 678    Fix Dial-up Error 756

Below Videos are applicable to Simcom Modules

   AT+CHTTPACT – Initiate HTTP    AT+CNMP – Set Preferred Mode
  AT+CNBP – Set Preferred Band    AT+CNAOP – Set Acquisition Order
   AT+CNSMOD – Return current system mode    AT+CPSI – Return UE System
   AT+CTZU – Automatic update of time and timezone    AT+NETMODE – Set TDSCDMA or WCDMA mode
   AT+SPIC – Times remain to input SIM PIN/PUK    AT+AUTOCSQ – Set CSQ
   Install drivers for Simcom h/w dev kit    Connect SIM7500A to AT Command Tester
   SIM7500A Diagnostics commands    SIM7500A – Check Network
   SIM7500A – Set up APN    SIM7500A – Set up TCP Connection
   Connect SIM7000A to AT Command Tester    SIM7000A Diagnostics
   SIM7000A Check Network Status    SIM7000A – Set up APN
   SIM7000A Set up TCP    SIM7000A Send SMS
   SIM7000A Set up Bearer Profiles    SIM7000A HTTP GET
   AT+CMNB – CAT-M/NB-IoT Preference    AT+CBANDCFG – CAT-M/NB-IoT Bands
   CAT-M Testing    NB-IOT Testing
   CAT-M AT Command Script    NB-IoT AT Command Script