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    Torben Friis

    I have two statements in a pgm (PICAXE):

    hserout 0, (AT+CMGS=?,cr)
    hserout 0, (AT+CMGS=?”,$22,”+4581116757″,$22,cr,”Text”, $OA)

    The first is needed to get the answer OK after the latter (if it is not there I get the answer < (no answer))

    However, the sim900 does not send the sms – or at least the sms is not received.
    According to the network operator (Telenor) no sms has been received.
    All the parameters seems to be OK.

    Why is the first statement needed ?
    I think I had the latter statement alone working a year ago.

    Can you tell what the problem is?
    best regards

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