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    Can we activate a SIM card using the SIM module(SIMCOM). If can what is the procedure to do that. I hav tried the following and ended with no result. When I use a new SIMcard(AirTel) in SIMCOM module(SIM808) initially it shows
    +CMT: “1445443514”,””,”20/09/02,11:19:45-02″
    Thank you for choosing Airtel! We are setting up your services please wait.
    after few moments it shows
    +CMT: “1445443514”,””,”20/09/02,11:18:02-02″
    We are unable to process your request. Please retry later.
    and when I give a command ‘+CGREG?’, it shows that the ‘Device is registered and roaming’ but when attempted to send a SMS or make a voice call it shows that ‘Device is not registered and MT is not currently searching a new operator to register to’. How can I handle this. Kindly help me.

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