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    Hi all. I really need help im newbie with jasper & api so i spend a week in work and at home to get result but nothing progress yet.
    I used tele2.*… and apitest.*jasper…
    I have tested echo nad get termindaldetails on tele2 and apitest so results is
    apitest = ok, tele2 [echo]=invalid licensekey & [getterminaldetails]=invalid username or password
    Have tester this scripts in php ok, than i try use soap ui to test tele2 and apitest again apitest
    getterminaldetails,sendsms,echo is ok, on tele2 Invalid license key. Please use a valid API license & WssSoapFaultException: Authentication of Username Password Token Failed…
    I want to sendsms to iccid using php there is my code, with 0 errors and response: null
    i have tried https on my domain result 0. i dont know it maybe because curl dont supports https?
    when i turn off curl.php test script security check than ok i can curl

    there is my code php, please tell if something wrong

    $JASPER_URI = '';
    $env = 'apitest'; # Apitest URL. See "Get WSDL Files" in the API documentation for Production URL.
    $wsdlUrl = '';
    $licenseKey = 'license key';
    $userName = 'username';
    $password = 'pass';
    $service = new nusoap_client($wsdlUrl, true /** wsdl **/);
    '<wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="" soapenv:mustUnderstand="1">'.
    '<wsse:UsernameToken xmlns:wsu="">'.
    '<wsse:Password Type="">'.$password.'</wsse:Password>'.
    $msg =
    '<SendSMSRequest messageTextEncoding="LITERAL" xmlns="'.$JASPER_URI.'">'.
    '<messageText>send sms true php</messageText>'.
    $result = $service->call('SendSMS', $msg);
    if ($service->fault) {
      echo 'faultcode: ' . $service->faultcode . "\n";
      echo 'faultstring: ' . $service->faultstring . "\n";
      echo 'faultDetail: ' . $service->faultdetail . "\n";
      echo 'response: ' . $service->response;

    I really think someones can help with this problem, Thank You!

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