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    I am using ublox sarag350 gprs module,
    After i send AT+COPS? command i get +COPS: 0 OK, response from module, but i think i is not correct response in datasheet write response of this command is +COPS: x,y,”abcd”,z OK,
    Why i get this response ?


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    The response format for AT+COPS? is,
    +COPS: <mode>[,<format>,<oper>[,<AcT>]]

    Read command returns the current mode, the currently selected operator and the current Access Technology. If no operator is selected, <format>, <oper> and <act> are omitted.

    So it looks like the module is not finding any network signal,

    //Check the signal strength

    //Check the registration status

    What does above return?

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    thanks, the problem is about my module, i do not know why but it is break down, when i work with new module after second or third trying this command i get correct response from module,

    In first trying module send +COPS: 0 but in next trying it give correct response,


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