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    Torben Friis


    I have a pgm:

    #PICAXE 28X2
    #Terminal 9600

    sertxd (“Start”,cr,lf)
    hSerSetup B115200_8,%001
    pause 2000

    hSerOut 0, ( “AT”,cr )

    hSerOut 0, ( “AT+CMGF=1”,cr )

    hSerOut 0, ( “AT+CMGS=”,$22,”+4581116757″,$22,cr,”Bla, bla”, $0A )

    1. First time I run it after having started up the Sim900 using the Power Key the Sim900 answers OK at every step.
    2. It does not, however, send the SMS
    3. The second time I run it, the answer is > at every step even though the Power Light and the Net Light have not changed.

    However, if I insert:

    hSerOut 0, ( “AT+CMGS=?”,cr )

    (an illegal statement?) as the next to last statement I get an OK for the sending – but the sms does not get sent (or at least it is not received).

    I have checked the parameters (PIN, etc.)
    Can you see what might be wrong?
    best regards

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