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    I recently received a trial SIM from Emnify which provides platform for managing M2M/IOT devices. Their solution covers 180 countries and over 540 networks. Through a self-service portal, you can register and activate SIMs, configure Service and Tariff Profiles for an endpoint device, monitor connection in real-time and access various dashboard views.
    I used a trial SIM to test SIM 900 evaluation board and Huwei USB modem. Once I activated the SIM in EMnify’s portal, I was immediately able to use the SIM with a device. Since the trial SIM was already provisioned with a preferred network list, my device connected to AT&T network without any issues. I was able to activate PDP context and establish TCP/IP connection to my test server.
    In this tutorial, I’ll walk through the steps that I used to setup and use EMnify portal.

    • Register a SIM
    • Setup Service Profile
    • Setup Tariff Profile
    • Setup an endpoint
    • Get real-time connectivity status
    • Monitor data usage
    • Dashboard views
    • Review billing info

    Register SIM
    The first step after you receive the SIM(s) is to register them in the portal using Batch Identification Code (BIC) printed on the bag or SIM body. In my case, I got a single test SIM for evaluation, the BIC was right on the SIM itself. After I entered the BIC, my test SIM was successfully registered.
    Emnify SIm registration

    Once the SIM is registered, you can check the status of the SIM and the assigned IMSI and MSISDN in the portal. SIM status needs to be activated before you can use the SIM within a device.

    Check SIM status

    There is also an option to order new SIM(s) through the self-service portal.

    Order SIMs

    Setup Service Profile
    Once SIM is activated through registration, the next step is to define a Service Profile. A Service Profile defines the kind of services that we need to associate to the device.
    • Network Technology – Options as 2G/3G/4G. At the minimum, a device needs 2G service to operate.
    • Service Selection
    o Data – Enable or disable endpoint to transmit data over the cellular network.
    o Mobile Originated SMS – Enable or disable endpoint to send SMS.
    o Mobile Terminated SMS – Enable or disable endpoint to receive SMS.

    Set up service profile

    In cases where you want to limit an endpoint to a specified amount of data it can send/receive or number of SMS messages that it can send/receive, you can do that with ‘Service Limits’ settings.

    Set limits for data and SMS

    SMS configuration for an endpoint through the Service Profile can be set in the ‘SMS’ tab. An endpoint can be configured to send/receive SMS with other endpoints and external mobile devices. Mobile originated SMS messages can also be forwarded to web services using RestAPI.

    Configure SMS

    Setup Tariff Profile
    Each endpoint is associated with a Tariff Profile which defines the data cost (€/MB), SMS cost (€/MB) and coverage region. In the ‘Rate Zone Selection’ tab, you can select the applicable rate zone. The coverage information for the selected zone is shown in the list below. Coverage information includes the countries included in the selected zone and network provider(s) in the include country list.

    Set up SIM tariff

    Setup Endpoint
    Once you’ve created Service Profile and Tariff Profile, you can create an endpoint. Note that you can also use the default Service and Tariff Profiles that is already setup in the system. Endpoint creation is task of associating a SIM to specific service and Tariff Profile. Since the SIM will be used in a device, you can associate a logical name to the SIM. For example, if the SIM card is used in water control monitoring device, you can associate a logical name to the endpoint such as the monitor#1.

    Set up end point

    Once an endpoint is created and the associated SIM is inserted in to the endpoint device, you can get a real-time status of that endpoint which is very useful for diagnostic purpose.
    In below example, the endpoint device has successfully attached to the AT&T network. At this point, the endpoint has not activated PDP context.
    Network connectivity diagnostics

    When the endpoint activates a PDP context, the status is updated in real-time in Emnify portal. This is especially useful is troubleshooting connectivity issues.

    PDP status

    Get real-time connectivity status
    You can monitor data and SMS usage over a data range under the ‘Stats’ menu options. There is an option to export the data in CSV file format.
    PDP data/receive data stats

    Data Analytics Dashboards
    Different dashboard views are available to analyze data across various dimensions.
    Dashboard Main

    Monthly view dashboard provides data connections, usage on a day-to-day basis for the current month.
    Dashboard Monthly

    Global distribution dashboard provided data usage by region. If you have deployments across multiple countries, this dashboard view will be useful to drill down data usage by region.

    Dashboard network

    ‘Usage by Endpoint’ dashboard provides a list view of data usage by endpoint.
    Dashboard Endpoint

    ‘Traffic by Mobile Network’ dashboard provides data usage by mobile network that the endpoints are using in your deployment.
    Dashboard Network traffic

    ‘SIM Database’ dashboard view provides status of SIMs.
    Dashboard SIMs used

    ‘Traffic History’ dashboard provides data usage (up to byte level) broken down by both upstream and downstream.

    Dashboard Main

    In this view, a roll-up of total cost based on data and SMS usage is provided.
    Dashboard Billing

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