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    I would like to know if anyone tried this AT command: “AT$QCRSRP?”

    At page 74/206 of https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/starterkit-assets/AT%26T_Commands_Guide_v1.7.pdf
    They say that that command is supposed to “Display Neighbor Cell Information”

    They say that:
    $QCRSRQ?Normally respond:
    $QCRSRQ:<cell id><EARFCN><rsrq>

    Defined values:
    <cell id>: integer
    <EARFCN>: integer
    <rsrq>: integer
    Example: Query RSRQ value
    $QCRSRQ: 000,2175,”-09.60″

    and that this command is used to display neighbor cell information cell ID, EARFCN, RSRP.

    when I type it, it gives me this:

    $QCRSRP: 126,xxxx,”-100.90″,134,xxxx,”-106.80″,302,xxxx,”-110.70″,318,yyyy,”-091.60″,038,yyyy,”-104.90″,406,yyyy,”-108.60″

    where xxxx is a number of length = 4 and yyyy is a number of length 4 also.

    I would like to know why from that command, the “cell Id” gives me numbers of length=3, in this case if we look at the response of the command cell iD’s are ; 126, 134, 302, 318, 038, 406? From my experience, cell iD should be of bigger length than =3 to be able to find it from websites. It usually has more numbers usually 4 or 5. Can someone tell me why it’s not like that and why his length always =3?

    If it’s not the cell ID, how could I convert that values to find the cell ID

    Thank you,

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